Another Hiccup

Hello there!

I am guessing that if there is anyone out there still reading this, you will have noticed another over month long gap since my last post.  However, this was not a result of me losing stem or motivation over completing this blog.  This time, my work was impeded by a thief in Calama, Chile.  While on a bus from Santiago to San Pedro de Atacama in the desert, a man came on the bus while Adam was asleep and stole his daypack right off the shelf over his head.  When we discovered the theft at our final destination, the bus people informed us it was not an uncommon crime on the route.  Thanks guys.

Luckily for us, I had our passports in my bag and he had previously on the trip taken his laptop, phone, and flash drives containing all our saved photos out of the daypack and had placed them in the seatback pocket.  So alas, none of that got stolen.  However, he did lose his wallet, video game controller, adapter, phone cords, external chargers, Amazon Firestick, and his favorite green fleece.  Also with the now missing, was our laptop chargers, rendering our laptops pretty much useless for the remainder of our journey.  While we were upset about the robbery, nothing was stolen that could not be replaced, so we cancelled the credit cards that needed cancelling and forged ahead with our trip.

As you might have guessed or seen on Facebook, Adam, Katie, Justin, and I have all returned to the United States (Adam and I just arriving yesterday).  However, I am still determined to finish this blog and complete my record of our year-long trip around the world.  So stay tuned if you are still interested in seeing what happened……

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