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The following is a post by Katie Jones about our whirlwind trip to Munich for the legendary Oktoberfest!

Day 69 (9/29/16)

After our flight to Munich we met up with my brother Jimmy late at the hotel. Jimmy had gotten there earlier in the day and checked in for us. Thanks to Adam’s points we didn’t have to pay for the hotel but it only had a queen bed and pull out. After some improvising with comforters and pillows we were able to make a decent place for everyone to sleep. 

Day 70 (9/30/16)

After sleeping in, we packed our things and started towards our Oktoberfest experience. After a delicious lunch of different sausages and our first of many beers we found our new hotel in the middle of Munich. The location was absolutely perfect; only a 10 minute walk from Oktoberfest!!! However, it had only one king bed and we were only allowed 3 people in it. After a stealthy entrance we set out stuff down and headed to the festival. It was not exactly what I expected. I thought it would be all beer tents and drunk people. Although there was plenty of that, they also have rides (full-size roller coasters) and so much food! We made our way into the Paulaner tent. It was amazing! We lucked into a table and made new friends from Minnesota. After a few steins and plenty of dancing on benches, Nichi and I left the boys to meet up with my other brother Joey. After a few cat calls which we returned with angry looks and maybe a few choice words we met Joey and snuck him into the hotel and changed into our dirndls. We walked back to Paulaner and continued to drink and dance. Joey caught up quickly and fun was had by all. See memorable moments for a few drunken stories.

Day 71 (10/1/16)

After some nursing of hangovers we made our way back to the festival. First we went to the outdoor beer garden at the Lowenbrau tent. After a warm-up stein we headed to the Hofbrau tent. Somehow Adam made friends with an elderly waitress and she got us a seat. This women was “no nonsense” and pushed and yelled at people until we all fit. This tent was great! We sang ” I’m prosting, I’m prosting” about every 5 minutes. The not amazing part would be that my brothers were both offered hookers by our bench-mates. They declined (mom and dad you taught them well) Unfortunately, we decided to leave and head to the Hacker-Festhall tent. I say unfortunately only because we would not find a seat again. The Hacker tent was beautiful. The ceiling is decorated in clouds (see pictures) and the band was rocking everything from German drinking songs to pop top 10. We found a seat and continued drinking and dancing. Unfortunately, after about 2 hours we were kicked out due to a reservation. After that we headed to another tent (unfortunately no one remember the name). Due to long lines and almost all the tents closing the inside due to capacity, we were only in the beer garden. It took about an hour for everyone to get in but we had a blast. I managed to steal a singing hat from a guy being kicked out or a bar which Joey took home as souvenir. After a few hours we all were tired so we headed home . Along the way we picked up amazing drunk food from an American-run joint selling Philly cheese steaks and amazing burgers.  The name of the shop will remain a mystery as we all had too much to drink and can’t remember what it was called.

Day 72 (10/2/16)

Surprisingly only a little hungover we all packed and headed to our train to Prague.

Memorable moments 

1.     A nail-biting game of who can hold their stein out the longest between me, Jimmy, Nichi and Adam. After a surprisingly long time I hate to say that Jimmy beat me. Jimmy delighted in his victory and rubbed it in my face for the rest of the trip.

2.     Drunk Justin is adorably emotional. He really wanted to help what he thought was a homeless man. Although he was actually just a regular person trying to get a cab whom Justin decided to hug.

3.     German girls love Jimmy or Jimmy loves German girls. He made friends with a different table filled with girls and left us for most of the evening.

4.     Adam desperately loves Kasespatzle, especially when drunk! He left my brothers (whom he was supposed to watch because they had no phone or any idea where we were staying) to find spatzel and was unsuccessful. He returned to the hotel to tell me and Nichi all about it. After multiple questions and only a minor freak out on my part he told me that he didn’t want to make jimmy and Joey leave because Jimmy has hitting on girls. But he had no idea if they had keys. A wrestling match ensued. Thankfully the boys returned unharmed and Joey went and got a kebob.

Lessons Learned

1.     On the weekends at Oktoberfest don’t leave your tent after 4 pm

2.     They close doors at 5 pm-ish and if you don’t have a great sob story you’re not getting back in.

3.     Make friends with waitresses and people around you. The more friends you have the better, even if you don’t remember their names 

4.     Take cash to Subway if you’re hungry. If not, you might find yourself wondering around the streets of Munich for an hour looking for an ATM.

5.     Traditional garb makes Oktoberfest twice as fun and if you get the right color you can double as Dorothy for Halloween.

6.     Bathroom line cutting at Oktoberfest is not just a sport, it’s a necessity. The lines get insanely long. It also helps if you pretend to know German. Check the exits and men’s line. Girls be devious.

7.     Splitting your group up is never a good idea.


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