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Hello there!

Welcome to Temporary Nomads, the site where Adam, Katie, Justin, and I will be detailing all of our experiences, triumphs, and hardships while spending one year circumnavigating the globe.  We chose the name temporary nomads for very important reasons. First, the use of the word “JANK”, as we originally intended (derived from the use of all of our initials), had some unintended negative connotations in modern slang that we ultimately decided wasn’t ideal for describing our trip.  And second, by setting off on this adventure, we are essentially agreeing to spend 365 days as homeless wanderers.  This is not a decision we came to lightly.  We have been discussing and planning and organizing and agonizing over this trip for the past fourteen months.  I mean, it should be noted that most of the agonizing has come in recent weeks, as the days melt away to our leave date and the realities of packing and saying good bye have become more prominent in our minds, but more on that in later posts…  The point is though, that we are giving up the comforts of home and our proximity to family and friends for the chance at something big.  For the opportunity to experience the world and all of its diverse landscapes and cultures have to offer, and to see what kind of an impact it can have on our lives.  There is an element of craziness to our plan, but I believe our bout of temporary insanity will lead to one amazing adventure.

Now, enough with the heavier stuff.  If you would like, you will be able to follow us as we roam from place to place by visiting this site.  We will all be adding posts, updates, and pictures throughout the course of the trip.  Now, on my end it will likely include boring musings about the weather, random tirades, occasional bad language, and excessive pictures of food.  So don’t get too excited.  However, with JAK’s help (the others in this quirky quartette in case you already forgot my reference to our JANK family), maybe this blog will make you laugh (always at our expense J), inspire you to dream, help to fend off boredom while surfing the internet at work, and allow you to come along with us on this journey around the globe.

Feel free to send us a message or leave comments at any time.  We appreciate hearing from you all.  We will be posting an update on our itinerary before we leave.  We will also provide you with cell phone, email, and Skype info and would encourage you to do the same if you would like, so that we can keep in touch throughout.  Or so that I can harass you all year with autocorrect fail email chains and sheep emoji’s.  The choice is yours…..

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