We’ll Be Home For Christmas

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We were heading home for Christmas break!!!!

What We Did

Day 149 (12/18/16):   Our only useful activity of the day was Adam and I getting up early and running around the streets of our hotel searching for cardboard to make a box for our farmers’ market purchases.  We found the supplies at a skate shop and Adam spent an hour or so making our own box to fit the odd shaped packages.  We had to apply an extra layer of plastic wrap once we got to the airport to ensure it stayed together, but overall I was very proud of our work.  After everything was packed up, we got a cab to the airport to begin the large journey home.  We first flew to Ethiopia, and then to Frankfurt, Germany.

Day 150 (12/19/16):  We flew from Frankfurt, Germany to Wahington D.C. (Dulles Airport).  From there we boarded the last flight to Cincinnati, Ohio.

What We Learned

  • South Africa is amazing, but the flight home is LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG.  It took four flights and 38 hours of travel to get the Temporary Nomads from Cape Town, South Africa to Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • There is a Chipotle in the Dulles airport.  Once we discovered this, the boys and Katie were first in line.  I guess there’s no place like home.

Memorable Moments

  • I would say that the only memorable moment from that much travel would be walking out of the airport at home and seeing your friends and family. I was literally bursting with excitement.  And we were all ready for a bit of a break, and to celebrate the holidays.


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