Temporary Nomads 2.0


Well finally it’s here, Temporary Nomads 2.0!  Some have been wanting the ability to make comments on the blog and now you can, hopefully this time without the spam trying to sell you ‘sexual enhancement’ products.  Here’s the list of changes made to the blog:

-Ability to comment using Facebook login.  Note:  if you come to this page via Facebook and scroll to the bottom of an article and want to leave a comment you will be able to comment where it says ‘Comments’ at the bottom without logging in to the site.

-Some new photo gallery features.  You won’t notice this right away but as new posts arrive the galleries may look a little different and that’s a good thing since we have integrated with an external image hosting site to bring you better galleries.

-Ability to ‘share’ the home page to your favorite social media sites.  Previously you could click the ‘share’ buttons at the bottom of each individual blog post to post them to social media but now you can do this on the home page to share the entire website.  The buttons are right at the bottom of the home page.

-Improved layout and new look.  I’ve made some changes to the look of the site as well as the layout of the side menus to improve usability.


Let us know what you think and as always, safe travels wherever you are!

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